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Welcome to Stacks Insider, your source for insights about the emerging world of Stacks blockchain technology.

I started Stacks Insider because I was excited to learn about new Stacks blockchain innovations, but found it hard to understand most of the information out there due to the overly complex way it was explained using advanced vocabulary and jargon.

That's why I launched Stacks Insider - to dig deeper and deliver the stories and context lacking in other media through educational content and simplified explanations.


My mission is to:

  • Provide insider knowledge directly from Stacks pioneers and developers

  • Explain complex technologies in plain language using mindmaps, diagrams, and simplified "explain to a 10-year-old" descriptions

  • Track projects and progress on Stacks Ecosystem

  • Connect our readers directly with Stacks insiders

I know blockchain and Stacks can be difficult concepts to grasp.

That's why I take the time to break down key technologies, developments, and projects piece-by-piece using visuals, plain English metaphors, and straightforward analogies.

I want my educational content to be accessible to newcomers and veterans alike.

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Stacks Insider is an educational site that makes Stacks easy to understand and master. We deliver insider insights from Stacks experts using simplified explanations, metaphors, diagrams and "explain to a 10-year-old" descriptions.


Evangelist for Stacks - Bullish on unlocking Bitcoin's potential for DeFi, NFTs & beyond.